Welcome to Glued News!

Glued News is a space where art and political snark intersect—a blog that mixes cut-out pictures with cuss words in a weird and wonderfully fun sort of artistic therapy. Its purpose is to tackle the news in a new way, to counter cliche and fatigue with both beauty and humor. Glued News began as a response to the frenzied, fractured media environment of a Trump presidency and all its promised chaos, and I hope that it achieves its intended purpose: offering respite, inspiring a laugh, sparking discussion. I hope it becomes part of a news revolution, one that combines the satirical with the sartorial, the angry with the aesthetic, the vocal with the visual, the way art and politics ought to be: intricately entwined.

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My name is Madison Shumway, and I’m a multiplatform journalism major with a news obsession. I love to write, read, listen to music, tweet, and make stuff, whether it’s painting, drawing, sculpture, graphic design, photography, poetry, fiction, or collage. I hope to one day teach at a university and look forward to all the years in school before that.

Glued News is for artists, for authors, for amateur filmmakers and audacious tweeters. Glued News is for people who read, who create, who are not content with leaving things the way they are. It is for those who react to an article or broadcast or talk radio show with frustration, with fury, but most importantly an urge to speak out and a desire for change. These are the people for whom I write: people who, like me, know that we can cause that change if only we band together.

Glued News aims to explore current events with humor and art. Its goal is to promote understanding and discussion of what is happening in the world and provide a lighthearted outlet for fear and frustration.

Feel free to contact me at shummadi@isu.edu or on Twitter at @madisonshumway.